Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pool Party

We just got back from our first swimming experience. Nolan LOVED it! From the moment his toe touched the water, he was smiling and cooing. We were "swimming" for almost 40 minutes. He kicked his little legs and even splashed a little. He didn't even make an about-to-cry face. He was so happy the entire time! The first cry we had was when he had to get buckled into his car seat.
A little known fact about Ted: he is an amazing swimmer. He swam all through high school and placed at State. He then went on to swim for his college. His event-DISTANCE! Whew! I can't compete with Ted's times, or his impressive record, but I did my fare share of water activities. We spent so much of our summers growing up at lakes or at the cabin. I remember teaching myself to swim by keeping my hands on the sand and kicking my legs. Bit by bit I would pick my hands up and try to paddle while kicking. Eventually, I did it! I don't remember how many times my siblings and I would be swimming and be forced to get out to eat dinner. The Minnesota cold didn't even bother us, because of the toasty sauna (pronounced sow- as in cow, na). I also swam on my jr. high swim team, but didn't go on to high school. Nolan may have gotten some of the swimming gene passed on from both of us!
My friend Andrea got the swimming pictures on her camera, seeing that it is impossible to maneuver a baby and a camera, so we will have to wait until they are emailed to us, but here is Nolan in his first swim trunks!

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Melissa said...

That is so cute that he loved it so much! Yay for water babies. :)