Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nolan Eating His First Cereal

Yesterday we had our 4 month check-up. What an improvement! Nolan has gained 2lbs. 5oz. in 11 days! Yipee for supplementing. He now weighs 13lbs. 8oz. and is at the 23%! What a relief. He is 25.25 inches long, which is the 65%. His head is 41.5cm which is the 31%. What a happy, healthy boy!

We were also told to start cereal. Nolan started out quite confused, but by the end, he was opening his mouth for the spoon. Maybe next time he will swallow some! I know the picture is black, so just click on the arrow to watch the video.

He enjoyed his first feeding.

This morning we are heading out to a preschool time at a fun kiddie pool with our friends Melika and Andrea with their children Cohen and Lauren. We can't wait!


Jody said...

Hi Kristina, Nolan is sooooo cute we miss him soooooo much!!!!!- Aunt Jody

Melissa said...

Cute! I love how you're saying how much he likes it just as the cereal all comes back out. Classic first bite! He is looking so much older - maybe it's the filled-in face! Have fun at the pool.

Lara said...

Fun! I cannot believe how much older he looks- he looks so different. Happy Eating Nolan!