Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March...Lion or Lamb?

Welcome March! Living in St. Louis, March is a great time of year. We usually get warm weather, the flowers start blooming, and spring really begins. But this year, I can't decide if March came in like a lion, or like a lamb. On Sunday, it was 76 degrees outside, our daffodils started coming up, and we took Nolan for his first walk in the stroller without using the carseat. We went for 2 and a half hours! He loved it. The little green blanket is his favorite frog toy. He smiles when we give it to him, then he grabs it and shoves it in his mouth. It is great!

Now today, we are having a snow storm. There are at least 10 inches at our house. I have NEVER seen this much snow here! I went downstairs to get my boots, when I found something even better!I haven't worn these since living in Alaska! I walked around our cul-de-sac, and I am sure the neighbors all thought I was crazy. Maybe I need to get outside more often. Here is our house in the snow.This weekend we also bought a rug for our living room. Finally, Nolan and I can play on the floor! We also got this tv stand for a great deal at Target. You would think that living here for a year and a half, that my house would be complete and decorated, right? Nope-still a LONG way to go! Oh well, slow and steady.


Melissa said...

Very fun post! Several comments. First, Nolan's face looks way more filled in than in previous pics. Second, the snow is crazy, looks like a fun snowshoe outing. Third, the rug is great! Really pulls your living room together.

Whitney said...

Nolan looks so cute! I can't believe is was so hot and then it snowed!