Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nolan's first owie

We were clipping his fingernails tonight, and we accidentally snipped a small piece of skin. It was horrible. He bled for a little while, and I think Ted and I felt much worse than he did. We put some neosporin on his wound and wrapped band-aids around it. Then we didn't want him sucking on it, so we put a sock over his little hand. He is now sleeping soundly. It is not fun to see your child hurting. To make up for the hurting, I have a few really cute pictures to post!
This is a cute outfit from Uncle Nate and Aunt Alli. He wore it to Girls on the Run practice. It was fitting!

Since we have been supplementing with formula, Nolan has grown quite a bit. I couldn't resist this cute little body. Note the little tummy!

Nolan turns 4 months on Saturday and goes to the pediatrician on Monday, the 24. I can't wait to see how much he has grown.


Melissa said...

I so did that to Isabel - the day she got home from the hospital! I felt like the worst mom ever. Since then, I use adult clippers rather than my baby clippers b/c I actually feel like I can see what I'm doing better with them. Cute tummy Nolan!

Lara said...

I hope that Nolan is ok- it is usually much more traumatic for the parents than the child. Nolan is officially "a chubby baby"! Yay! Don't you wish it was that exciting when we put on weight? "Ooh, you have such a cute tummy! And those rolls on your legs? Too cute!" I wish. Great Growing Nolan!