Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun with Toys

We have been trying to find out what to do to satisfy Nolan's voracious appetite. Nursing alone just wasn't cutting it. We were going for an hour, and feeding every 1.5 hours. That left about 30 minutes in between to do other things. Then he STILL wasn't full! So, we went to the doctor and she suggested supplementing with formula. So, now we only nurse for 20 minutes total and then top off with 4-6 ounces of formula. This kid has really started filling in since then! He has chubby cheeks, chubby legs, and a little tummy. I can't wait for our 4 month appointment to see how much he has gained!
Nolan can now sit up in his Bumbo seat! He loves to grab the toy and try to get it in his mouth.

We put Nolan in the booster seat for the first time. I kept moving his left leg to the side, but he would immediately put it back. Pretty cute!


Whitney said...

Nolan looks so big sitting in his seat.

Melissa said...

Yes, Nolan's face is definitely filling in. He is starting to look more and more like you. Do you like your Bumbo? I've heard great things about them. Wish they would have been around earlier! Couldn't justify one with my third...