Thursday, October 8, 2009

Keepin' On

I have finally gotten some new batteries for my camera, so now I can be back in the blogging world. We have been busy, as always, with everyday life and living. For our first big news, Nolan will be having a new BABY BROTHER!!! It's another boy! We are so excited for the crazy wrestling, running, screaming, and all things boy to happen to our household. Ted always wanted a little brother, and being the oldest with 3 younger sisters, is very excited for Nolan. As for the pregnancy, I am almost 22 weeks along and still throwing up nearly every day. Let me just tell you-so not fun. But seeing that he is growing well and moving all over the place, it will be worth it someday. (Right??? I am pretty sure...)

In other news, Nolan is still growing like crazy and doing tons of fun new stuff. He sings the entire ABCs all day long, can count to 20. (Except 14 and 15. They must be really hard ones.) And is such a fun little guy to be around. Papa and Grammy in Minnesota found a beautiful wooden bunk bed at a garage sale in northern Minnesota. Papa took it home, sanded it down, and refinished it. We didn't have a bed for Nolan, so voila, we got Papa's bed! It is gorgeous.

Nolan all snuggled in

Nolan's "boy bed"
Fall happens to be a favorite around here. Yesterday we went to the apple orchard with some great friends and had a blast enjoying the beautiful fall day.
Eating in the orchard
Addie, Kresta, Jackson, Nolan, and me
Driving the tractor
Playing Golf
(Of course-such a sports boy)
Fort Eckert
I also realized I never put any pictures from Minnesota up here. The most important part of the trip was time spent with family. Nolan still talks about his cousins and can list all of them when we talk about who "lives" in Minnesota. (Sorry Howells, but it's too confusing to explain.)
All the cousins (except Emma) at the
movie/popcorn/juicebox party
watching ET
Ben, Nolan, Grace and Emma
Papa and Nolan feeding the birds
One last request-boy name suggestions! We are having a hard time thinking up boy names for our new little guy. Any thoughts????