Monday, November 23, 2009

Grammy's Visit

My mom came down 2 weeks ago to play with Nolan and me. And play we did! It was just wonderful having her here. Nolan is super fun to take anywhere, even shopping, so we took advantage of that. Every day we had a different adventure. The weather was beautiful for the first 4 days, so we spent most of the time outside playing in the front yard, going for walks, or going to the park!

We went to the zoo:
The penguin house Riding the carousel
Hi Mommy!

Don't they belong inside the fence?
Nolan and Mommy

Watching giraffes
A nice picnic
Up close with a water buffalo
Ted's family came for dinner one night.
Jody, Nana, Wada, Janny, Grammy and Nolan

Grammy celebrated Nolan's birthday with us. He got some great presents.
Cheesey grin
Thomas pajamas!
A "Grammy Made" card
A fun puzzle
Shouldn't every kid have one of these?
Then Grammy took us to dinner at Red Robin where Nolan got to meet the real Red Robin. He also got an ice cream sundae and the Happy Birthday song sung to him! What a fun celebration!
For Grammy's last day, we went to the Whittle Train Store near our house. It is an old train depot filled with toy train tables for kids to play with. It is totally free and provides hours of fun!

Grammy and Nolan reading
Thank you so much for visiting us Grammy! We love you so much and are so sad you had to leave. Please come back soon!

Nolan's 2nd Birthday!

Our sweet boy is 2!

Yesterday was Nolan's birthday, but the celebrations weren't limited to only one day. While Grammy was here, we celebrated with her Tuesday night. Nolan got some great presents and then we went to Red Robin for dinner. Luckily, Red Robin himself appeared and walked around the restaurant greeting all the kids. Nolan was completely enthralled and almost didn't eat because of the excitement. After dinner, Red Robin brought Nolan an ice cream sundae complete with whipped cream and sprinkles, and all the servers and Red Robin sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera, but it was wonderful. Thanks Grammy!

Saturday night Ted, Nolan and I had a movie picnic followed by popcorn and juice boxes. Nolan requested those after the ET party with his cousins in Minnesota. A new tradition! Sunday was fun-filled every minute.

Opening presents
A yummy breakfast of pancakes with blueberries, strawberries
and bubble cream (whipped cream)

Nolan handsome for church (Thanks Grammy for the outfit!)
At church, Nolan got to take sacrament and had Mommy and
Daddy teach his nursery class!

The Cars birthday cake

Opening presents at Nana and Wada's house

Look Mom!

Blowing out the candles
Happiness at the end of the day
Nolan had a great time celebrating his birthday. Thanks to the many family members and friends that called or celebrated with us. Happy birthday Nolan!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun

We had a fabulous Halloween week this year! I love celebrating, and it is so much more fun with a child that loves celebrating, too! Because of backwards pictures, we have our week in reverse!

Halloween night was spent at the end of our cul-de-sac with all the neighborhood kids. We had a pot luck dinner, games, treats, and a fire. We LOVE our neighborhood and all of the great people who live here.
Nolan and his glow sword

Nolan and the pinata
Buzz Lightyear and Addison the flower
Some of our neighborhood kids
Ready for Trick or Treating
Buzz Lightyear
Halloween morning we went to our local farmer's market to pick out the perfect pumpkin. It was the first sunny day in over a week!
Carving the pumpkin with Daddy
I want this one!
The family (I'm 6 months pregnant)
Kirkwood Farmer's Market
With the aforementioned horrible weather, Nolan and I got pretty bored being stuck in the house. We made Halloween crafts!
Nolan's Jack-O-Lanterns
Playdough pumkins
Earlier in the week, we went to my great friend Kresta's house for a Halloween party. Nolan did wear his costume, but it only lasted 5 minutes and I didn't get a picture in time. I was surprised that Halloween night he didn't want to take it off after over 2 hours!
The popular red car
Eating the pretzels we made
Scary story time
Doughnuts on a string
All the big kids

We had a wonderful Halloween!