Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Months Old

Our sweet Parker is 10 months old! Here is a photo shoot that Nolan took of Parker on his 1o month birthday.

Parker continues to be such a fun kid. He loves laughing and will play for hours. He has finally had a tooth break through the gums, but I think it may have gone back down for now. At least we know they are there! Last night he even started crawling. He saw a reflection of himself and zoomed towards it with no hesitation. And he hasn't stopped since!

Some of his favorite things are: cars, cabinets, music, dancing, being tickled, feeding himself, drinking from a cup or sippy cup, books, and now exploring new territory. He truly is a joy for our family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

What fabulous celebrations we have had so far! You only turn 3 once, so we went all out.

Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the St. Louis Zoo. We love this zoo and go there often. Nolan was given several options to choose from for his family celebration day. Chuck E. Cheese, The Magic House, The Museum of Transportation, bowling, mini-golf, hiking, and a few others. He choose the zoo so he and Parker could ride the train together!

That evening, we had a pizza and chocolate milkshake picnic downstairs watching a Scooby Doo movie. Such fun!

For his real birthday, we celebrated all day long! He actually woke up at 5:00am. I had put streamers up in the living room and kitchen and he walked in and said, "This is soooo beautiful!" I was glad he enjoyed it!

For breakfast I wanted to make pancakes, but opted for oatmeal instead. I still topped it with strawberries and "bubble cream" (whipped cream). He was excited but didn't think it tasted like his usual oatmeal. Oh well. I tried! He did drink all of his hot chocolate, though!
We had a couple of friends over for the morning to help us celebrate. The kids from our playgroup where there, as well as our 2 neighbor girls across the street. What fun!

Nolan requested yellow cupcakes with yellow frosting and sprinkles. Can you guess his favorite color? (Since he was 17 months old!)

We had our great friends the Schleiffarths over for dinner. Nolan had his favorite food, Taquitos, but mostly just because he LOVES chips, salsa, sour cream and guacamole! And of course more cupcakes and ice cream!(The super cool Super Nolan shirt is a gift from my friend Ashley. She has her own Etsy shop, Bushel and a Peck. Check her out!)
Then we got to open some pretty cool presents!

Janga Fett
Janga Fett and Darth Vader
($40 and $20 costumes, I scored them for
$4 and $2 after Halloween!!!)

Nolan had a wonderful birthday. Thank you to all the phone calls, facebook comments, and thoughts on his special day. We love you Nolan!

Friday, November 19, 2010

9 Months Old

I am a little behind, but Parker turned 9 months on Monday!
Don't you love that still-toothless drool?
Parker went for his 9 month check-up, and he is doing great! He weighs 21 lbs. which is the 67th percentile, and he is a whopping 30 inches long, which is the 94th percentile! Huge boy!
Some of his favorite things are feeding himself, songs, growling with Nolan, playing with toys, drinking water out of a cup, and trying to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks, but no forward momentum yet. I kinda like that he basically stays where I put him still! He also signs more and all done when he is eating.
Nolan was being quite the photographer, and took some pictures and videos of random things around the basement. So funny!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Down for the Count

We have been pretty sick in our house this last week. Nolan spiked a 105.9 degree temperature and we brought him into the ER. Poor kid has pneumonia! He was put on an antibiotic and we thought all would be well. The day after finishing his medicine, he got a low fever again, so back to the doctor we went. The pneumonia was worse and his medicine wasn't strong enough. Now he is on new medicine and hopefully will be better soon. Parker also got his first ear infection, and it was a double! Poor little guy. He is on medicine and is feeling a little bit better. Sick boys are not fun!

Although he was really sick, Nolan did something super creative at breakfast. He took a few bites of his toast and said, "It looks like the number 3!" It sure did. The he found a 1 in his crust. He had to think about the number 2 for a little while, but decided if he took a couple of bites, he could make a number 2 also! The 3 is backwards, but this is what he made.

He wanted to have 4 and 5 but he decided they were mostly eaten. What a funny kid!

It seems like forever since we have been out of the house, but we took some fun pictures while we've been stuck here.

The Nolan ScowlBrothers are the best of friendsGetting so big

We have a recheck at the doctor's office on Wednesday, and we are hoping that we can then again venture out of this house. Luckily the weather is in the 70s today so my windows are wide open, trying to get the sickness out of our home!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!
We had a fabulous weekend celebrating! Friday was a Halloween party at my friend Kresta's house. The kids dressed up and had a blast! Doughnuts on a string
Super Nolan
On Saturday, Ted and I took the boys to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.
I have to mention that Ted had been growing out his facial hair for all of October. His work was having a "Man Up for Alzhiemers" fundraiser. Monday is Mustache Day. Ted decided to shave his beard Friday and have a mustache all weekend. Not my favorite!
Nolan didn't really care about the pumpkins, he just wanted to play!
Seaweed the Serpent
Parker enjoyed watching his big brother, but got too tired out!
On Halloween, we had beautiful weather! Mid 60s and very sunny! So we played outside in the leaves.

These pictures are true Nolan
Our good friends Jim, Kresta, Jackson and Addie came over to help us celebrate!
We carved pumpkins,
ate dinner, and made spider cookies Ted's parents and sister came to see the boys in their costumes
The start of the sugar rush!
Finally, we dressed up and went Trick-or-Treating
Super Parker, too!
Luigi, Super Nolan, Super Parker and a pumpkin
Parker went Trick-or-Treating, too!
Happy Halloween!