Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!
We had a fabulous weekend celebrating! Friday was a Halloween party at my friend Kresta's house. The kids dressed up and had a blast! Doughnuts on a string
Super Nolan
On Saturday, Ted and I took the boys to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.
I have to mention that Ted had been growing out his facial hair for all of October. His work was having a "Man Up for Alzhiemers" fundraiser. Monday is Mustache Day. Ted decided to shave his beard Friday and have a mustache all weekend. Not my favorite!
Nolan didn't really care about the pumpkins, he just wanted to play!
Seaweed the Serpent
Parker enjoyed watching his big brother, but got too tired out!
On Halloween, we had beautiful weather! Mid 60s and very sunny! So we played outside in the leaves.

These pictures are true Nolan
Our good friends Jim, Kresta, Jackson and Addie came over to help us celebrate!
We carved pumpkins,
ate dinner, and made spider cookies Ted's parents and sister came to see the boys in their costumes
The start of the sugar rush!
Finally, we dressed up and went Trick-or-Treating
Super Parker, too!
Luigi, Super Nolan, Super Parker and a pumpkin
Parker went Trick-or-Treating, too!
Happy Halloween!


The Robinson's said...

Fun, fun pictures and adorable caps...great job Kristina! Love Teds stash hes sporting too. ;)

Melissa said...

Fun, fun, and more fun! And so very impressive that you have already blogged it all. Did you make the boys' capes? They are awesome. Parker's hat is divine, but Ted's mustache is not. :) Nolan's expressions make me smile, as always. Happy Halloween!

Lara said...

Great capes!! Looks like a fun Halloween! The pic of Nolan being tough in the leaves is classic Nolan- what a tough guy:)

Thekla & Grayson said...

Love the SUPER costumes! So cute!