Friday, November 12, 2010

Down for the Count

We have been pretty sick in our house this last week. Nolan spiked a 105.9 degree temperature and we brought him into the ER. Poor kid has pneumonia! He was put on an antibiotic and we thought all would be well. The day after finishing his medicine, he got a low fever again, so back to the doctor we went. The pneumonia was worse and his medicine wasn't strong enough. Now he is on new medicine and hopefully will be better soon. Parker also got his first ear infection, and it was a double! Poor little guy. He is on medicine and is feeling a little bit better. Sick boys are not fun!

Although he was really sick, Nolan did something super creative at breakfast. He took a few bites of his toast and said, "It looks like the number 3!" It sure did. The he found a 1 in his crust. He had to think about the number 2 for a little while, but decided if he took a couple of bites, he could make a number 2 also! The 3 is backwards, but this is what he made.

He wanted to have 4 and 5 but he decided they were mostly eaten. What a funny kid!

It seems like forever since we have been out of the house, but we took some fun pictures while we've been stuck here.

The Nolan ScowlBrothers are the best of friendsGetting so big

We have a recheck at the doctor's office on Wednesday, and we are hoping that we can then again venture out of this house. Luckily the weather is in the 70s today so my windows are wide open, trying to get the sickness out of our home!


Emily said...


Yikes Kristina! I hope he is on the mend for good. I'll pray for you all. And please let me know if I can do something other than praying!

Melissa said...

I still can't believe how high his fever was! So scary. I am so glad it sounds like they are on the mend, what a rough road. Love the number toast. I had to laugh this morning when Lucas was eating toast and after a couple bites said "look mom, an "L" for Lucas! Those two will got along famously. :)

Josh and Diana Lee said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry that he is so sick. Poor little guy...and poor mama. It's hard taking care of two little sick ones. I hope you guys are doing better. Keep us posted.

Colleen said...

Poor little guys! Hope everyone is all better soon!