Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grandpa O'Neill

My grandfather passed away on Tuesday, October 19, 2010. He was 86 years old and married to my grandmother for nearly 62 years. He had 5 children, 20 grandchildren with one on the way, and 17 great-grandchildren with 3 on the way. He loved people, talking to people, his family, and his faith. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.

A painting my grandmother did of him
We were able to attend his touching service in Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.
My family that were able to be there16 of the 20 grandchildren

Great-grandma with 13 of the 17 great-grandchildren

Duluth is a major port for all the Great Lakes. Canal Park is one of our favorite places to visit while there. My family was able to spend a nice afternoon together.
A big iron ore ship came in-
My parents actually rode this for a week!
Nolan and Uncle JJ
Parker and Grammy

The 7 of us

It was a jam-packed, family-filled weekend. I was so grateful that I could be there to honor and remember my grandfather. I love you, Grandap.


Colleen said...

I'm so glad so many of us were able to swing the last-minute trip! And it was nice to finally meet Ted, though I didn't really get a chance to talk to him. Glad to know he's real. :) Grandpa will always be a legend in the O'Neill family. Great post.

Melissa said...

Many memories packed into a great post. Lots to remember and be grateful for. So nice to see you all. :)