Monday, October 4, 2010


Ted's cousin was married in Chicago this past weekend, so we took a trip! It was fabulous!
We stayed at the beautiful Internation Trump Tower.Saturday morning we woke up and decided to walk to the Shedd Aquarium. It was 55 degrees and rainy, but we didn't mind. The boys were well-covered!We stopped at Millenium Park and the famous Bean.

We also climbed some trees.
When we got to the aquarium, the line was too long, but we got this great picture!
And decided to go to The Field Museum.
After the museum, we needed to get back to the hotel to get ready for the big night. Miss Caren came to babysit Nolan and Parker. She was amazing!
Ted and I were all dressed up and ready to go.
Congratulations to Berkley and Bob! What a beautiful wedding!

Sunday morning we just hung around our hotel and then drove home. You may wonder why there are no pictures of Parker, but he slept the whole walk to the museum and during the entire visit to the museum. Poor little guy. I have no proof of him being there! But he was, and he was cute. We did have a great time and Ted fell in love with Chicago. We are already planning another trip back!

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Melissa said...

Fun! It's been years since I've been to Chicago, would love to go back. It's a great city. Fun to finally see you in the dress! Being your sister, I won't use the word s#@y to describe you, but you do look mighty fine! Glad you enjoyed the weekend.