Sunday, September 19, 2010

Graham Cave State Park

The weather has been cooler, Parker is getting older, and it was supposed to be a nice weekend, so we decided to go on our first family camping outing. The forecast said sunny and mid to upper 80s both days. Saturday night was clear with a low of 62. 10% chance for precipitaion. Great for camping! We packed (and packed, and packed) everything up and away we went!
Ted really wanted to get a tent that we could grow into, one that was very water proof, and an easy to set-up and take-down one as well. After much researching, here it is.
Several of the reviews mentioned how it held up well in strong, severe thunderstorms. I thought people had to be crazy to actually go camping if there were thunderstorms forecasted. I mean, seriously, who does that? We checked and double checked the forecast and knew we were safe. But at least they tested it for us and we could be assured that we would stay dry in any light rain we might encounter.
Saturday afternoon got REALLY hot. This was what we did to keep Parker happy:
(That is a battery operated tent fan. Note the drool-teeth are moments away from erupting...hopefully!)

Nolan was happy playing with his cars. I guess Ted was right, a large tent kept these boys happy!
When it finally started cooling off, we went for a hike. 0.3 miles of a paved trail up from a parking lot counts, right? We planned on doing a much longer hike in the morning.
Graham Cave

After the hike and a romp on the playground, we came home for dinner. Hot dogs and marshmallows cooked over the open fire!
After all that crazy playing we were getting really tired and ready for bed.
As we were setting up beds, the ranger came around and told us we were under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 pm. Hmmm. Must be an isolated storm cell. The lightning started shortly after. And continued ALL NIGHT LONG! We had at least 5 waves of crazy strong storms. The thunder was so loud and it looked like daylight with the amount of lightning! We had Ted's cell phone with sketchy internet, so we watched the radar while deciding what to do. We decided to ride it out, but woke up several times throughout the night to recheck the radar. Amazingly enough, the boys slept through the entire night. I have no idea how they managed it. The tent was a success in that we stayed almost completely dry.
At about 7:00 in the morning, we decided it was time to go home. Ted pulled the car right up to the tent and he loaded everything up. After we got the boys in, Ted collapsed the tent, rolled it up, and strapped it to the roof of our car. Another success with the ease of taking down the tent in the pouring rain!
I now realized that I was way too quick to judge those poor souls who reviewed our tent. Now my wrath is upon the weatherman. Really, how do you miss 12 hours of storms???
Although we had some bad weather and we spent hours getting ready for our very short camping trip, all in all we consider it a success. We are already planning the next trip! Any suggestions?


Melissa said...

Mmmmmmm, baby drool. Just think how memorable your first family camping trip will be. If it had been sunny, warm and calm, it wouldn't have made for such a good story!

Melissa said...

Oh, and that cave looks really cool. But I think Ted needs a wifebeater shirt on just to fit in. ;)

Thekla said...

Wow, you are brave! Our ward had a camp-out here and we couldn't bring ourselves to commit. Too worried about the baby, and crying, and accidents....:)