Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Minnesota Part 4: Camping

Our final 4 days in Minnesota were spent in my parent's wonderful new camper at Bear Head Lake State Park by Ely, Minnesota. It was gorgeous! Nolan and Papa spent most of the time throwing rocks in the water together.
"I'm gonna get your favorite rock!"
"Where'd it go?"
Nolan needed a picture of his rock in the water
A common view:
The back of Nolan

Playing at the campsite
Nolan's special fort

Parker's spot

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Ta-da!"
The beach with cousins

Pizza dinner at Sir G's in Ely
Night at the campfire
Plenty of dancing!

After all the pizza and S'mores, my Mom and sister Lara figured out how to work it all off.

We love you Minnesota and we can't wait to come back soon!


Colleen said...

So fun! I'm just glad we have the family reunion every every summer to give me an excuse to get out to Minnesota now and then!

Melissa said...

1. I forgot how beautiful Bear Head is, it's been years. 2. I love Nolan's rock in the water. 3. Parker's thighs might be the best things I've seen in a while. 4. Ely rocks. 5. I can't believe you got away with taking and posting that video! What super duper fun. Wish we had been there.

Thekla said...

wow- I am sooooo jealous!