Thursday, September 16, 2010


I love fall time. Especially since I don't go back to work as a teacher each fall. It gives me time to feel grateful again for staying home with Nolan and Parker.

Nolan is very ready for playmates. We thought about sending him to preschool this year, but then he would have 3 years at the same place. Instead, we are doing a mom co-op with 3 other great families. It is every Thursday from 9:30-12:30. Nolan calls it preschool, he has a backpack and brings a lunch, and they do a letter of the day. Most of it, though, is structured for social learning and exploring. He loves it!

First Day of School
He HAD to wear Darth Vader and his Lightning McQueen socks

The kids at lunch

We have also been busy trying to find other ways to keep Nolan busy. My sister Lara gave us this great sand table that her kids no longer used. We love it!

Aside from outside activities, we staying busy inside, as well. We made a bean bucket (Thanks Wendy!) with dried beans, a large rubbermaid under-the-bed storage container, and a construction truck set. Voila-an inside sandbox! Nifty. We also got a train/car table to keep us occupied. Hooray for independent playing!
In other news, Parker grows better-to-play with everyday. Nolan has begun body slamming him with hugs and kisses. Parker just laughs. Who knew they were so squishy? Nolan can't wait for him to crawl around. I can wait.

Bath time is so much more fun with a little buddy.
Nolan and his favorite Buzz Lightyear pajamas and his superhero cape.
As our summer progressed, so did Nolan's swimming ability. I was pretty impressed with the latest achievement.

We are looking into swimming lessons, but the YMCA won't take kids under 3 unless it is to learn how to blow bubbles with Mom there. I think we might be past that. We'll wait until he is 3.


Melissa said...

Nolan's swimming astounds me - most impressive! He seriously needs to come play; superhero capes are an almost daily occurrence with my boys. Such cute, cute boys you have. Love them.

Thekla said...

I LOVE the bathtub photo with the wash clothes! We spend a lot of time trying to figure out things to keep busy and educational too...