Monday, August 30, 2010

Minnesota Part 3: Duluth

On Tuesday, my Mom and I took the boys down to Duluth. We visited with family (see Minnesota Part 2) and then met up with Lara and her family at the Great Lakes Aquarium. What a neat place!
Watching ships in the harborParker had many stroller shots
The Aquarium

This was the kids' favorite part of the aquarium. It was a model of the Great Lakes waterways, the locks, and the rivers that lead out to the Atlantic Ocean. There were small boats to float from the Duluth Harbor all the way to the ocean. The locks actually worked, too!
After the aquarium, my mom and I took the boys to my favorite spot in Duluth, Canal Park.

Nolan LOVED the lift bridge. We were lucky enough to watch a 1000 foot ore boat come through the canal, under the bridge, and out past the pier we were standing on. Nolan was enthralled.

What a great day!


Wendy said...

the only thing that concerns me is that you and Nolan are wearing long August!!! Oh, I do not envy the winters there. Glad to have you home though.

Melissa said...

Love all the pics. Jealous of the cool-weather wear. Sad to see grandpa, he looks way different. Love x a million the pic of Nolan and Ben. Good times!