Monday, August 30, 2010

Minnesota Part 2: Family

One of the reasons that this Minnesota trip was so important was visiting with my Grandfather. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and recently experienced some major medical problems. We are not sure how much longer we have with this great man, and I was so grateful I had a chance to see him.
Ben, Nolan, Great-Grandpa O'Neill, Emma, Parker and Grace
I was also fortunate to visit some other relatives while there.
My Grandma O'Neill
Meaghan and Aunt TeriJenae, Uncle Steve, Justyna, Trevor and Aunt Geri

It was very sad to say goodbye to everyone, but especially my grandfather. One of the things I remember most about him is how he was always singing. Since his recent medical setbacks, he hasn't been able to communicate very easily. While visiting him, I asked him if he remembered a song he used to sing, "Arizona". He smiled and nodded, so I started singing it to him. He actually sang the song with me.

Arizona, how do you do?

Arizona, glad to see you.

I love your sunshine,

honest I do.

That's why you see me, smiling at you.

You're the pride of

Old Mother Earth

and nothing can compare with you.

I love your desert trees

and your cactus leaves.


I'm wild about you.

I love you Grandpa.


Thekla said...

Thank you Kristina, that is one of my favorite memories of Grandpa too. In fact, that is the only state song I know because of him! Glad it looks like your family is doing well!

Colleen said...

That's funny, I sang this song to Elijah a day or two after Grandpa's heart attack. I'll always associate it with Grandpa and his great laugh. So glad you got a chance to visit!