Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching up

Another span has passed in my non-blogging life. But I think we can now safely say that we are moving forward positively. Our computer has been replaced, the camera USB cord has been located, and I am back in the spirit of blogging. To begin this new chapter, I first have to share a little of what you have missed.

My pictures are backwards, so you get the mixed-up version.

Phoebe, Lily and Nolan
(GREAT neighbors!)

Ted graduates from College on Friday. That in and of itself is a beautiful thing, but I will post on that when it happens. With energy focusing away from school things, we have been enjoying some more family adventures! We went to Forest Park and had a nice picnic. It was a gorgeous day and such an ideal location for a picnic.

6 turtles!
Nolan and me infront of the art museum

Oreos are yummy!

"Art Hill" and the lake Nolan got caught
(Notice a toothbrush in each hand? Great dental hygene!)
My 30th birthday-at the Cardinal's Game

Right behind home plate!

My sister Melissa and her family came to visit from Colorado. We had so much fun and it was hard to see them leave. She did a much better job recording our adventure on her blog. Her kids are a blast, and Melissa and I did a ton of shopping. Sisters are really quite wonderful.

Kids on Easter

Lucas, Isabel, Nolan and ConnorNolan, Ted and I at the top of the arch Connor, Melissa and Isabel on top of the arch
Nolan and Lucas climbing a volcanoSisters and kids at the zoo

Well, you are mostly updated. I have to really complain for a minute about this horrible formatting thing with blogger lately. Rearranging pictures has become impossible! And I can't ever get my spacing right. I hate auto formatting!!! Big things are happening in the future, and I will keep you posted. (I am so funny!)


Lara said...

Great pics- updates are updates, even when they are latedates. I made that word up- I can be funny, too!
Nolan is so handsome- and getting so big.
Fun day at the park, and looks like you and Melissa, (and families) had a great time!
I hate auto format, too. I have redone an entire blog, because the pics were all messed up. Ugh.

Melissa said...

What in the world is going on with my hair in that bottom photo? Ugh. Did I look like that the whole time? I chose pictures that look MUCH less scary :)

Fun to re-live the times, and see your new memories. And I know I saw you just a month ago, but seriously, Nolan looks a lot older. Miss him. And you, of course.

Jim and Kathy said...

Thanks for all the glad you had such fun w/ Melissa and family. Nolan looks so much older again. Hard to not see him more often. He is such a doll. Dad and I are so lucky to have the cutest grandkids in the world!!!