Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

You may have noticed (but probably not) that I have not been in the blogging world lately. Actually, I haven't been in the computer world lately. Our computer (that we got in the fall) has decided to quit. We know the problem, and apparently, this type of computer suffers from this fatal flaw-with only a 90 day warranty. Sucks, huh? So, I have had scare access to the world. We are working on this problem, but who can really afford new computers???

But onto bigger, better stuff! MY BIRTHDAY! Ted and I took Nolan to his first Cardinals baseball game. We sat right behind home plate. We had a great time and Nolan was a superstar. He actually took a morning nap today to prepare-he hasn't done that in months! Thanks for the present, buddy! We went out for dinner together, and are just enjoying the evening of beautiful weather.

We have tons of fun pictures of all of our activities lately, but until we resolve this computer issue, this post will have to suffice. Cross your fingers that we figure it out soon! Oh, and being 30 really isn't too bad!


Lara said...

30 is definitely the new 20- or is it the new 40? Let us know:)
We miss you in the blagoshpere. Wait- isn't that the ex-governor from Illinois?
Anyway- Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Ha ha, Lara made a funny!

Yes, we have missed you. Hope it gets resolved soon. Computer issues stink!

Glad you had a superstar birthday with your boys. 30 is not bad, would you like to switch places? 35 is not fun to have on my horizon.