Friday, May 22, 2009

18 Months Old

Did you hear the news???

Nolan is 18 months old today!
"Who, me?"
Yep, you!
What a fun-filled 18 months we've had in this household! Nolan is getting very big, and we love all the new things he can do. It is great that he has really become Daddy's little buddy lately. The two are almost inseparable.

Nolan has been working on talking for a long time, and we recently have crossed that two-word bridge. Last night, unsolicited, he said, "Love you Mama." I will proudly admit that he brought me to tears. (Ok-that may not be too surprising.) He says bye-bye to everyone and thing. We are working on "Miss you" for Grandma and Papa in Minnesota. Aside from that, he has over 100 words. He is doing great and we love every word.

Physically, he has been improving his utensil usage. He has mastered eating Cheerios with milk for breakfast. And by mastering, I mean he still gets a nice pile on his tray, but most end up in his mouth. He loves to "run," throw and kick all balls, and try to catch about 3 seconds after the ball has been thrown. He drives his trucks all over the neighborhood, and tries to go downstairs to play with his trains first thing every morning.

The newest fun we have is swimming outside. We go to our buddies' "Memma" (Emma), "Yi-yee" (Lily), and "Beebee" (Phoebe) house to play in their little pool. Or we just fill up some bowls and splash around our front yard. As long as we are wet, we are cool!

We go to the doctor next week for his well-child visit, so we will update size then.
Here are a couple pictures from today.
Phoebe and Nolan

Hey bud, 18 months NOT 18 years!

Happy 18 months Nolan. Mom and Dad love you so much!


Lara said...

Happy 18 months Nolan! He is getting so big- this is a fun age. I love new words, and new activities! Yay Nolan!

Melissa said...

What a milestone! Nolan is such a doll. I miss him! How is nursery going?

Thekla said...

you missed the most important thing about this age...nursery!!!

Jim and Kathy said...

Thanks for the wonderful pics. He is SO ADORABLE. I miss him so much. HOw he has grown! Lots of hugs and kisses . Love, grandma

Jim and Kathy said...

He gets cuter everyday. How can he be 18 months already?! He has a very big vocabulary...lots of love from grandma

Sara said...

Happy *belated* birthday, Nolan! We tried to honor it by having Aaron born on the same day ;)

He is SOOO cute! And I love all of your art/craft projects! Their ease and inexpensive-ness have inspired me. Hmm...