Saturday, May 16, 2009


When my sister Melissa visited in April, she helped me with a couple of cute, easy, creative decoration ideas. I am not good at starting projects, but somehow, finishing them seems to be even more difficult for the ADHD ridden Kristina. (Can I really use that as an excuse?)

The first project is super cute, and super easy! I saw some prints I wanted for our new basement, but they were $225. Not in our budget. Melissa showed me a super cool site (Just a Girl) with tons of great, really cheap decorating ideas. She suggested I try this great "canvas" idea!
It was so simple! All you need is: 12"x 12" scrapbook paper, a 12" x 36" in styrofoab sheet, black cardstock, and a glue gun. Cut the styrofoam in thirds, glue on your paper, trim the cardstock to fit on the edges, glue on, and voila! Designer beauty! I am really loving it, and it makes the basement so much more homey.

The next project is St. Louis style cherry blossoms.
Melissa and I went on a stick hunt in my neighborhood. We just got random, nicely angled sticks off the ground. Take pink and white (or light pink) tissue paper. Cut out 5 petal flowers (does NOT need to be perfect! The best part!) out of both together. Grab the center and twist into a flower. It was suggested to put floral wire around to hold it, but that was a big pain. Hot glue worked fabulously. Then apply to sticks. Another great project!

As I mentioned before, I have a hard time finishing projects. This week, I went crazy! Melissa was here for Easter and we started both these projects together. I finished the cherry blossoms last week and just hung the pictures today. Huge slacker, I know. Also, when my parents were here and they painted my house, they left a TINY spot for me to put a second coat on. Well, They came the first week in March and I finally painted Monday. Sheesh. So embarassing. I am hoping that fessing up to blogland, I may improve this weakness. Probably not, though.
Now I am just waiting for a sister or parent visit so I can start my next project.


Lara said...

Cute projects! I love the canvas art- no one would ever know it was paper! And the cherry blossoms are so pretty- I love simple projects!

Melissa said...

Oh, I've been waiting - this post makes me very happy! The "canvases" look awesome, I seriously love them. They go fabulously with the couch and pillow, it all ties together. Lovely! The blossoms are great, too. I love mine! Let's do more projects!

Jim and Kathy said...

This blog makes me happy also. Way to go on the door getting painted!!!!