Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nolan's Spots

Any Doctors in the house? We have been experiencing this very strange hive-like rash for about 2 months now.

It started in August, and the doctor said it was probably bites. She thought our dog Cassie brought some bugs into the house. We put him on Zyrtec, washed and vacuumed everything in the house, and found Cassie a new home. (I will admit that this isn't the only reason Cassie had to go. She was a great dog, but shed like crazy. Nolan was always covered in dog hair, and I just couldn't take it.) The Zyrtec got rid of the "bites" and all was well.

After a week, we stopped the meds and the bumps came back. Then the Doc said it was probably an allergy. Try Zyrtec for a month. No bumps.

A month later, stopping the Zyrtec, bumps are worse than ever. Do you see how big they are? The doctor doesn't know what is causing them. I don't want to keep him on Zyrtec anymore. They don't really bother him. Anyone have and advice what to do?


Lara said...

I don't have any advice- we have been discussing the bumps forever, and there just seems to be no answer for you. I guess just be thankful that they do not bother him!

Melissa said...

Rashes are bizarre. Just ask me. I'm the queen of them. Guess Nolan is my nephew! We can hang on the itchy side of the street.