Wednesday, October 22, 2008

11 months old

11 Months Old
Whew-what a day! Nolan has been a little grouchy lately, but I passed it off on teething. This morning I thought he felt slightly warm, but again, passed it off to teething. We went to church playgroup at the park and played outside for an hour and a half. Nolan was clingy, but still climbed and slid down slides. We got home and I realized he felt even hotter. 102.2 degrees. Oops-bad mom award goes to me. I gave him some Motrin, and put him down for a nap. He barely slept and just wanted to snuggle. Poor little guy. I figured he just needed some mom time.

Well, throughout the evening he got hotter and hotter, and his "rash/hives" (former problem-unsolved of course) started getting worse. After dinner, I decided to try the temp thing again-103.6. Uh oh. Ted was at school. My good friend/neighbor/go to girl Kate was on a Disney cruise. I was alone. I called the doctor and my mother in law. Grandma came over to be with us, and the doctor called back. Apparently, fevers aren't serious until over 105. Have any of you heard different numbers? I swear, everyone says something different. Well, I guess I had a case of overreacting. His second dose of Motrin brought the fever down nicely, and he is snoozing away peacefully. I, on the other hand, am still slightly worried.

Tonight again makes me realize why I love having family and friends. Sisters that you can call for advice on anything from what the heck to make for dinner, to helping you out with a kid sickness. Even if they are just a listening ear. Parents that are supportive and try to help as much as possible. I am so appreciative that my mother in law didn't hesitate to come be with us tonight, even if it was unnecessary. I also know that I have friends that I could call on if needed. I feel so lucky to be blessed with such good people in my life.

Although Nolan was sick this morning, he was so cute in his vest, hat and sweatshirt needed for our 50 degree day. I forgot my camera for playgroup, so I was planning on dressing him up and taking him outside to play in the leaves this afternoon for his 11 month photo. As you can probably guess, the photo didn't happen. Nonetheless, I did get a couple of cute ones.

It is hard to believe that Nolan started off so skinny-this little boy LOVES to eat. It seems as though the only thing that makes him cry is if he isn't fed as soon as he thinks he is supposed to be. Including snack time.
Nolan is on the verge of walking. He looks for things he can push and walk behind all over the house. He can stand on his own for a few seconds, and walks well holding hands.
We can't believe how fast time flies and that in a month, we will have a 1 year old. He truly is the sweetest little boy, and every day I am so thankful that I am his mother and that I have the opportunity to teach him and watch him grow each and every day.


Melissa said...

Sorry I missed your call today, but we are all healthy on this end! It is weird, though, that my virus was accompanied by a rash - maybe it wasn't eczema, but some weird virus rash! My kids all appear unscathed by the bug, no sickness here. Sorry he's not feeling well! And I've always heard that 105 is the danger zone for baby fevers.

Anyway, happy 11 months Noly-oly! Love you and miss you! Feel better!

Lara said...

What a day! I hope Nolan starts feeling better soon- sick babies are just no fun! Happy 11 months Nolan!