Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ear Infection

Another milestone was reached today. Nolan has his first ear infection. He woke up again last night with a fever of 103.7. Poor little guy. He was so miserable. We went to the doctor and found out that he has the ear infection, and probably has a little something else, too. Amoxicillan for us. As for his rash, she has no idea what is causing it. It is probably an allergic reaction to something. What? Who knows. We may never know. Ahhhh-my allergy saturated gene pool.

On another note, I need some advice. You may remember that when Nolan was born, he basically starved for the first 3 months of life. My breastmilk wasn't doing it for him. When I started supplementing, he gained 2.5 pounds in 11 days. That is more than 2 ounces a day! Our pediatrician wasn't concerned about it. She is of the thinking that breastmilk is always best and will work itself out eventually. That thinking may be good for some people (do I hear La Leche????) but didn't make me feel any better about constant nursing with no satisfaction. EVER. She is an extremely intelligent person, great at what she does, and has earned many awards. Do her accolades and experience outway my personal grudge?

Today's appointment was with a different doctor in the same practice. I LOVED her. She experienced the same nursing issue with her first child. She supplemented. The baby thrived. Do what it takes to help them eat and grow is her philosophy. I am much agreed.

So---do I switch doctors? They are both competent, able women. I will have a guilty conscience every time I go there if I switch. The second doctor assured me that people do it all the time and no one takes it personally. What would you do?


Colleen said...

I wouldn't feel guilty about switching doctors! You should go to whoever you feel best about for sure.

Marla said...

HEY kristina, I'm glad you found me! Times have been rough, but I'm handling it. I can't believe how much Nolan looks like you! He is adorable.

I'd switch doctors. With how many doctors I've dealt with, it's always better to be happy with them and feel like you're getting all help you can from them.

Lara said...

Switch! We wasted so much time with the wrong doctor- find one that you love! Ear infections in babies is so sad:( Kiss Nolan for us!