Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Autumn in Denver

Nolan and I had the great opportunity to venture out to Denver, Colorado for a week. My sister Melissa and her family live just north of Denver in a little town called Frederick. We had a blast! My parents were there for the beginning of our trip, and by brother Nate and his wonderful new wife Alli came out for the end of our trip. It was great to see everyone. We did many fun things together. I really love my family. We always seem to enjoy ourselves regardless of the situation.
Thanks Melissa, Brian, Connor, Isabel and Lucas for a fun time.

Isabel, Nolan and Lucas in the bath

Lucas and Nolan-Great buddies!
Pumpkin Patch FunSleepy BoysBefore Nolan's First TRIMAfter Nolan's First TRIMBesides the pumpkin patch, we did other really fun things, too! Shopping: I got some GREAT new jeans, pants, and a shirt, (BTW: I hit pre-pregnancy weight officially-only 11 months later, right? Why don't my pre-pregnancy pants fit, then? Now the pre-prepregnancy weight...hmmm.), nice autumn walks, yummy restaurants, basement parties, an indoor water park, playing in Boulder, and watching great movies. Thanks for the great time!


Melissa said...

You got some great shots! Love the bathtub pic and the boys banging on the fireplace. I miss my little buddy Nolan, and finally put away the pack and play, realizing he wouldn't be needing it anymore. We had a great time, you guys can come back anytime!

Emily said...

Same thing happened to me. Back to the pre-pregnancy weight but the pants still didn't fit. I figure my figure was somewhat stretched. I have a friend that puts a belt around her hips during the day for the first week after pregnancy. She says it works, but I just didn't care that much. Perhaps I will live to rue the day . . .

Lara said...

Looks like you had a great time! Autumn in Denver is beautiful. How fun to be able to go on one trip and see so many different family members. I love Nolan's haircut!