Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Fun!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Great things have been happening here! It is summer and I am done working! It feels strange to say I "retired" at the age of 29. After 7 years of teaching, It seems so strange to be done. It is wonderful, though!

We have been doing many things with a few of our great friends. First off, we had a barbeque for Memorial Day.

We have also had friends over for lunch. This is Tera (Nolan's WONDERFUL baby sitter) and her son, Nolan's good buddy David. He is just 4 months older than Nolan. The other picture is Tyler, Tera's 5 year old son. Kenley, the 3 year old daughter, also came for lunch. Tera sure had her hands full with Nolan added. She was very appreciated.

We have also been swimming at local community pools with Melika and Cohen. They all have "Tot time" from 10-11:30 in the morning. The pools have sprayers, slides, and are all super shallow so Nolan can sit in them. He LOVES swimming and never wants to get out.

Well, that is just a taste of what we have been up to. I am sure many more fun things are yet to come!


Whitney said...

Wow Nolan is getting so big! I love his big blue eyes! You should post some pictures of you guys at the pool.

Melissa said...

Fun times! Nolan looks super cute as a watermelon head. His face is SO super round, it's adorable. It will be fun for he and Lukie to hang this summer and become good homeys.

Lara said...

Sounds like a fun summer so far! Nolan is getting so big, we cannot wait for everyone to come to MN next month!