Friday, June 20, 2008

The Magic House

We went to the Magic House this morning! It was so much fun. There are a ton of great things for kids of all ages. Of course, Nolan enjoyed the 0-24 month area the most.

Did I ever mention how much of a water baby this boy is?

Holy Moly! 4 Nolans! He thought this was too funny.

Toot Toot for Captain Nolan!

Phoebe, Nolan and Cohen

I LOVE sand. Especially since it is my first time!

The Magic House Rocks!

We had a great time today. Thanks to Kate, Emma, Lily and Phoebe for sharing their guest pass with us!


Melissa said...

Looks like a fun day! I wanna know - did he eat the sand? Lucas would have had a mouthful within seconds of sitting down in it. Cute pics!

Kristina said...

As much as I tried to stop it, he did end up with a few "tastes". I figure it may be the first time, but definately won't be the last.

Lara said...

Fun! We love the Magic House! Sand is always high on the list of fave foods for babies and toddlers!