Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Crazy Weekend!

We had such a crazy weekend! First, we had ANOTHER big storm at our house. This one resulted in a new type of damage.

Notice the tree on top of our neighbor's house. Luckily no one was hurt, but there were many more braches and trees down all over. A house a few blocks away was crushed by a tree and the owner had to be removed with the jaws of life. Again, no serious injuries.
This weekend Ted has several family members in town. His cousin was ordained in the Episcopal church. We had the opportunity to spend time with everyone. Saturday night, we had our first non-family member babysit. Kasey is from our ward, and is wonderful.

Today Nolan got to meet some of Ted's cousin and see his great-uncle again.

Nolan with Ted's cousin Berkley

Nolan with Ted's cousin, Ted.

Nolan and his Great Uncle (Gruncle) Doug

Finally, we have decided to go green! Well, at least we are trying to reduce our gas bills. This is our "new" scooter! We got it for $650. It gets 80-90 mpg, so seeing that Ted drives all over for work, we plan on making up for this cost relatively soon. It is pretty fun! I actually drove it all over our neighborhood. If you can get over feeling dorky, it can be a great way to get around.

Well, we sure had a fun weekend. It is time for a good nap!

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Melissa said...

Wow, scary storms! I guess I haven't talked to you all weekend. Glad you guys are OK! And you took the plunge and got a scooter! Who can argue with that kind of gas mileage? Enjoy!