Saturday, June 14, 2008

House Troubles

Our neighborhood has been having some severe water problems lately. This is what our backyard looked like following a recent rain storm. Our yard was not even the worst on the street.

The water creates rapids and leaves a pleasant swampy lake, large enough to grow algae. The rain has also caused some basement flooding. We spent all last weekend cleaning out wet stuff, scrubbing the floor, gathering garbage, and just trying to salvage what we can.

To help with this situation, Ted devised a plan. Enter: 2 dump trucks of top soil, a bob-cat, a jack hammer, land scaping stones, wheelbarrows and shovels, and a ton of sweat.

The plan was flawless. Well, except for the unexpected weather shift! Before clearing all the dirt from the driveway and settling it in its proper place, we experienced an unpredicted downfall. Luckily, the lake didn't return, but the evil river washed a portion of our dirt away. Oh yeah. Did you also know that top soil makes a great cement? It turns to thick, sticky mud, and then to a hard concrete.

Now our lake is gone, but "cement" slabs have taken its place. The rain pictures above were actually take post-dirt laying. We are not quite sure where to go from here, but the future looks brightly filled with sod, grass seed, and many phone calls to our metropolitan sewer district pleading for help. Wish us luck!


Melissa said...

Wow. Bad news. I send a huge good luck. Keep us posted. Maybe yards aren't so great... :)

Lara said...

That is crazy-where is the canoe when you need it? Go Ted and big plans! You could probably sell your house for a lot of money, with the beautiful private river right in the backyard. Ha,ha.

Lindsay AJ said...

Glad you found us! Look forward to keeping in touch. I would landscape it into a little river bed. ha ha! Then your property value goes up. "River front property" has got to be a hot commodity. (just put seasonally or weather permitting in parenthesis underneath) just kidding!