Saturday, June 5, 2010


We had quite a big even in our home this past week. Nolan had surgery. He has had 7 ear infections in 5 months, and the doctor said it was time to do something about it. On Tuesday, he had tubes put in his ears and his adenoid removed. Did you know there is only one? It is mistakenly called adenoids all the time. Anyways, we are really hoping it helps, but man, was he miserable. He is feeling much better now.

Other things have been happening around our home. Summer has hit with full force and we are doing our best to enjoy it. Sprinklers, pools, parks, and popsicles have been a constant in our days. I may even brave Tot Time at our community pool.

My great friend Kresta has two kids that Nolan loves playing with. We spend lots of time with them, and they LOVE Parker. And better yet, he loves them. They took turns holding him for about 20 minutes the other day. Parker just talked and smiled the whole time. So sweet.

Jackson, Addie and Parker

Downtown St. Louis has this great new park called City Garden. It is a summer paradise! Fountains, wading pools, waterfalls, and statues that the kids can play in. So much fun!

In other super exciting news, my sister Melissa had a new baby yesterday! Mason Henry Howell joins his big siblings Connor, Isabel and Lucas. Congrats Melissa, and welcome to the family Mason!
One of Ted's aunts posted this picture on facebook and I had to share it. It is Ted sitting on his great-grandmother's lap when he was about 4 or so. I think he looks EXACTLY like Nolan. I did give birth to him, but it does not seem that I contributed to his looks at all. Genetics is so interesting.


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Nolan had surgery. To see your little ones have to go through surgery is no fun. I hope this works for him. If you guys ever want to go to the pool with us this summer just let us know. We're pretty much there every day!

Josh and Diana Lee said...

Aww....I am so sorry to hear abouyt Nolan. I hope he's feeling better. Give him lots of hugs from us.

Wendy said...

ooo...that is the worst! Hope Nolan is feeling better quick! City garden is so fun! Glad you had a good time!