Friday, June 18, 2010

First Bites

Parker had his first bites of cereal yesterday. He has been "sitting" at the table with the rest of us during meals, and he finally got to actively participate. Although it was so brand new yesterday, he actually did quite well this morning with eating. He opened his mouth for the spoon and swallowed a good amount, too.

Somehow I can't get the video up, but I can try later.

Nolan was very interested

First of many messy faces

Messy faces run in the family

I also got to have an adventure yesterday! I had my hair cut in April '09, December '09, and then nothing. You can imagine the disaster that was my hair. It was easy to put it in a ponytail everyday and forget about it. But, really, you can only feel so blah and unattractive for just so long. So, on a whim, I called our nearby salon and got an appointment at 8:00 last night. What a blast! The lady tood and hour and 45 minutes to massage, wash, cut and style my hair. It ended up shorter than I had planned, but hair always grows back. What do you think?

It is a high of 95 today, and at 10:00 it is already 90. We are headed to the pool to cool down. Have a great day!


Marla said...

Cute hair! I love it. Also, your kids are so cute!

Wendy said...

cue hair!! where did you go?

Colleen said...

Sassy new haircut! And Nolan is TAN! I can't believe your baby is already big enough for cereal!

Melissa said...

Cereal already, wow. I suppose Mason will be there before I know it. So who does Parker look like these days? A mix of you guys, I think. There is nothing like a great haircut to lift the spirits - enjoy!

Thekla said...

Kristina! Parker is such a little chunky cutie! yeah- having two is a major chore. I love the hair- I finally chopped mine off too. Looks like you have been keeping busy and having fun- glad the surgery went well!