Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Wow-4 years. The first 3 felt like regular years, but since having Nolan, I think I measure in weeks or months instead of hours and days. Time is just flying so quickly!

I was trying to think of something to write about for our anniversary, but I've done what I like about Ted, our "story", and many of the things we've been through in our marriage. I decided that I would try to think of 3 things that I've learned since marrying Ted.

1. Compromise means truly more than just Ted compromising to give me what I want. I get mad because I think that he won't compromise enough, but that is only because I am rarely willing to budge. It is a big work in progress, but I am trying to appreciate his opinions, individuality, and let go of some things that I truly need to stop trying to control.

2. It isn't all about love. Faced with some big hurdles in the beginning of our marriage, we went forth on faith and love for each other. There is WAY more to marriage and living together than just fluffy love stuff. I've learned that loving him doesn't always make it easy to like him. And also, I don't need to be madly in love with him everyday to have a happy marriage. Those days really are nice, though.

3. I really love living with Ted. It is so nice to know that after whatever our days bring, we end up together in the same bed. I love that I don't have to worry about what I am going to do each weekend or who I am going to hang out with. I have a built-in buddy. He actually always likes being with me, too. It isn't always easy to have a permanent roommate, but who else will ask me to play Schmear, or Tick, or Cribbage at 10:00 at night? Or watch recorded House, Chuck, and NCIS episodes with me?

I know that the list of things learned, things I am trying hard to learn, and things that will be taught for years to come doesn't end here. I am glad that I have my best friend to share all this with. I love you so much, Ted. Happy Anniversary!


Melissa said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks for the thoughts. Hope you guys had a spectacular evening. Getting so excited to see you!

Lara said...

Happy anniversary! Have a great night! I cannot believe it has been 4 years- time certainly does fly.

Colleen said...

Happy anniversary! Four years and I STILL haven't met Ted! Hopefully we can remedy that this summer...?

Jody Mac said...

Has it really been four years since I played the guitar for you to walk down the aisle to? My gosh time flies. I love you both so much! I need to make it out there to meet little Nolan. Next fall sometime maybe??