Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogging Slacker

I am so glad that it is spring! We have been playing outside for HOURS every day! Walking or biking to the park has taken up much of that time. We also love our little cul-de-sac. I know I've mentioned it, but there are 11 kids under the age of 10. Of course, all are girls except Nolan and #12 who will be born in April. We couldn't be luckier! We spend much of our time wandering around outside until someone comes out to play. Here are just a few pictures of our recent activities.


Playing in the sand
Playing with trucks

Nolan's First Haircut.

With friends at the park

Riding Horses...
...at our friend's birthday party!
Playing with Papa and Grandma
Ted and Nathan (across the street) playing with the Nerf Machine Gun.
(100 continuous rounds! Go Nathan!)
And just being cute!
Thanks for catching up with us! Did I mention how much I am LOVING spring???


Melissa said...

I am swooning over these pictures, they are soooo cute. I really like the ones of Nolan squatting in the green outfit playing with trucks, and the after-haircut picture. Our kiddos in blue are delicious with those true-blue eyes. He and Lucas are going to have grand times, I say.

Dominoe said...

I know what you mean! The sunshine has been so wonderful! I better not see another snowflake until December!

Lara said...

Cute pictures! Nolan is getting so big, and very handsome! I like the color of your house- it is very warm!
I agree with the excitement of spring- we are even getting some warm days here!
Thanks for catching up.

Sara said...

Nolan is SO cute!! He is like a little ray of sunshine :)

I am jealous that you've been able to be out and about in the nice weather. I only get to stare out the window as the clouds pass overhead. Someday, though! Someday...*sigh*

The nerf gun picture made me laugh. I'd better not let Rob see it, or he'll want one more than he already does! Must be a guy thing ;)

Thekla said...

How depressing. It hailed yesterday and today it is snowing.