Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nolan's Birthday

I have not realized what a sensitive person I have become until this past week. I was so excited for Nolan's birthday. We were planning the fun things we would do and just how we would celebrate. Somehow, I think the former pregnancy hormones came back to haunt me because tears came easily whenever I thought of Nolan turning one. I cannot say that they were sad tears; I loved my little baby, but every day Nolan gets more and more fun. I look forward to him being able to do so many more things. I can't say they were completely happy tears though, either. It truly is cliche, but where on earth has this year gone? I feel like I was a part of everything, but that it didn't really happen. Do I really have a one-year-old? I am so grateful that my blog is such a great record of all the things we have done.

I don't think I can remember everything new that Nolan can do, but I will try. He is walking, eating and loving any and all foods (except of course nuts!). He loves playing catch, refrigerator magnets, pulling things out of drawers, bath time, his bear and kitty, books, toys, music and dancing, singing, the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", riding forward facing in his carseat, and watching other kids. There isn't much he dislikes aside from sitting still. He says "ba" for ball, "da-da", makes the sound and sign for an elephant, dog and bird, and says juice. He signs fan, hat, milk, more, all done, blows kisses and can identify many body parts. I am sure I am missing many more things, but we think he is truly amazing. (Compared only, of course, to himself and our previous experience raising children.)

The journey of Nolan:

Today was a turning point in Nolan's walking. He was taking a couple of tentative steps when coaxed, but nothing much more. Well, he decided that today he would let it all out. He has been trying to walk all day long! He still can't stand from a seated position, but he is definitely working on it. The first video is from this morning. What a great walker!

This video is from a few days ago. Future NBA star!

We love you Nolan and look forward to watching you continue learning and growing.


Lara said...

Happy Birthday Nolan! Fun memories of his first year! I love the videos- the basketball game looked like a fun time, and he walks very well for a beginner! Love you Nolan!!!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday! It's amazing how having a child can make a crier out of anyone! It's such a fun journey, this parenthood thing, but it's all bittersweet watching those little ones go and get big on us. :)

Melissa said...

How sensitive ... you've BECOME? Hmmmm...

Anyways, it was fun to look back at pics from his first year. Happy Birthday little Nolan buddy! The videos of his walking/dunking abilities are too cute (kids loved 'em too). That first year really is something, isn't it? What a little guy you've got there. Hugs from us.