Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nolan's Big Day

This morning we had Ted's family over for breakfast. Ted made a delicious Santa Fe egg bake. It was great to have everyone here to celebrate with us. After breakfast, we headed over to the Museum of Transportation. It was such an interesting place. There were many old trains with interesting engines, passenger cars, and cargo cars that we could go inside of. Nolan kept pointing and going "Vrroomm, vrroomm." It was only in the 30s, but Nolan was bundled well and we really enjoyed ourselves. I bought both of these jackets for "my boys" last Christmas. I pictured Ted and Nolan walking hand in hand together wearing them. Cheesie-yes, but today I got to see it happen.
We found a little love for the Northern Minnesota family.Nolan even got this really great hat to practice conducting his own train!
After that big morning, we needed a nap. We ended our big day with a delicious dinner at Grandma and Wada Jones' house.

I am sure you are wondering where his cake pictures are. My parents are coming down for Thanksgiving and we are going to have Nolan's birthday party next Saturday. That will be the presents, cake, ice cream, decorations, etc. necessary for a true first birthday party. What a lucky little boy-2 special Saturdays in a row! Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet boy.


Lara said...

What a fun way to spend a first birthday for such a handsome little boy!

Shannon said...

You have such a sweet little baby. You're a great mom! Can you believe he's 1 already?!!

Melissa said...

Glad Nolan enjoyed his big day! Looks like a fun place.