Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pics for Daddy

Nolan and I are still up north in the great Iron Range of Minnesota. We have been having so much fun, even though Ted had to go back last Sunday. I will post more when we are back in St. Louis, but I had to give Ted a few pictures to get him by missing us so much.

Just to note how much it sucks for Ted to be back in St. Louis: when he got home, all of our power in the kitchen had gone out. Couple that with hot weather and food in the fridge, and you can get the picture. He had to get up on garbage day at 5:15am to clean out the fridge. Then yesterday, our A/C stopped working. And it is over 100 degrees and high humidity right now. I asked him what he was up to earlier, and he said "sauna-ing." Poor guy. I will admit that I am not too anxious to get back until he has fixed everything. Thanks Ted!

Pictures from our trip so far...

Nolan at Nate and Alli's wedding.

4-wheelin' with Papa

One of the great things we did was we went camping on the "North Shore" of Lake Superior with Papa and Grandma. Nolan was such a great kid. He LOVED sleeping in the camper and hiking was also a favorite.

Nolan's new buddy-a chipmunk

I love you, Daddy!

As you can see, we have had quite the adventures. While here, Nolan has tried many new foods: bbq chicken (no sauce, of course!), turkey, hamburger, watermelon, and his favorite, Minnesota blueberries. He has also reached a big milestone-his bottom 2 teeth! My parents call him "Two Tooth Jones." He hasn't quite figure out crawling forwards yet, but he is so close. With his determination, it won't be long until my life is completely changed.

I have so many more great pictures of everything we have done here, but this post is specially for Daddy. Hence all the Nolan/Kristina pictures. (But does he really need pictures of me anymore? Isn't it all about the child?) I can't wait to share all the cousins, cabin pictures, wedding pictures, grandparents, and everything else. I will cheat, though and encourage you to check out my sister, Melissa's blog for a great post to tide you over. Thanks Melis!


Jody said...

I cannot believe how adorable Nolan is - we all miss him (and you too, Kristina!) sooooo much! He looks like such a little man in the first picture. Can't wait to see you both. Much love - Jody

Colleen said...

Cute photos!

Melissa said...

No problem!

I love these pictures. They are all super cute. I am jealous that you are still there enjoying cooler temps while we are sizzling in 100 degree heat (but no humidity, so that's a good thing). Poor Ted! Hope things come together before your return.

Whitney said...

Nolan looks so cute in his wedding outfit! I can't believe Nolan has ahat on. it must have been cold. I like the picture of the two of you at the water.

Lara said...

You are still here, so we don't miss you yet, but I love the pictures from the North Shore.