Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We are currently up north in beautiful Virginia, Minnesota. My brother Nathan is marrying his longtime sweetheart Alli on Saturday, so we are here celebrating! It has been such a blast so far.

Last Thursday night, Ted and I loaded up the van and Nolan and headed out at about 9:00pm. We drove through the night and got to Virginia about 10am. Nolan was amazing! He slept really well all night and then played happily in his carseat when he woke up. If you can make it by taking turns or however, driving through the night really is easier on the little ones.

When we got here, we went up to the Downing cabin. I remember spending much of my childhood summers there. It was great to bring Ted and Nolan there. The water was freezing, but Nolan still couldn't get enough of it! We will have pictures when I have a better computer to load them on.

Families really are an amazing thing. Mine family is quite large-5 siblings, 3 (almost 4) spouses, and 7 kids aged 5 and under. What a crazy place! We have been really loving being with them all. Nolan especially loves all his little cousins.

Nolan and I will be staying here for 3 full weeks! Crazy stuff. Ted's dad and sister are making a trip up here for some hard-core camping and canoeing. We will hitch a ride back with them on the 25th.

That is it for now, but we will keep you updated as the weeks go on.

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Colleen said...

I wish we could be there!!!