Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am feeling so many emotions right now. Disgust, fear, sadness, uncertainty, and others that I cannot name. I also feel some hope.

Tonight our community of Kirkwood lit candles throughout the streets to commemorate those who were killed last Thursday at our city council meeting. I helped light candles along our little cul-de-sac while visiting with some of our neighbors. We were discussing how we can support each other and with that support, our town can move forward from this disaster.

Then I came inside to use the computer. I saw that a gunman shot 22 people at a campus outside Chicago this afternoon. Reading the details, I felt a sense of deja vu. Haven't we seen this before? Haven't we already heard about this happening?

Last week my sister and her 3 kids were in the middle of a gang gun fight at her neighborhood playground. 2 kids were shot. Today a 10 year old boy shot his sister in the face over potato chips. Yesterday a 6 year old girl was grazed by a stray bullet in Minneapolis.

I know that faith plays a big role in overcoming these things. I know that I am supposed to just do my best to be a good person and hope that everything turns out alright. I just can't help but fear for the future, regardless of faith. Every day there is something else on the news. My little town is picture-perfect. Large oak trees line the streets; the neighbors barbeque together. We have great schools, fun little shops and restaurants, and the best farmers' market in all of St. Louis. But we also had a man living and working here who kidnapped 2 young boys. Then the man who wanted revenge on our city government. A police officer of ours was shot and killed a few years ago, and the trial for his killer is going on now.

I know everyone feels these things, but I just needed to reflect. I worry about what Nolan will experience in his lifetime. How are we supposed to fix these things?


Colleen said...

Unfortunately, I don't think we can fix them. We just have to do our best to protect our families and pray like crazy that we can keep them safe.

Melissa said...

Agreed with Colleen. I do fear raising kids these days. It's scary out there. All you really can do is teach them the things that are right, and pray your head off.

Heather said...

I totally know what you mean. I have been feeling a lot of the same emotions since that awful shooting. It is hard to feel safe. The night it happened I told Peter I wanted to move. The gunman was from our neighborhood. We used to wave at him when we'd drive by his place. But I think you're right...we have to have some sort of hope and faith or else I'd never leave my house.