Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nolan Turns 4

Seeing that there are some big happenings in our family, I thought I better get write a few blog updates. We'll start with Nolan's 4th birthday!

What a fabulous celebration we had! His day started off with birthday pancakes with berries and whipped cream, a birthday crown, and decorations!When you turn 4, you get a ton of really cool presents!
A marble run set
A bow and arrow
And a cool police car
At preschool, Bob the monkey got to sing Happy birthday to Nolan.
And they had a Thanksgiving "farmer" feast!
At home, Nolan had a birthday party with some really great friends.
Of course, the cupcakes were lemon with yellow frosting and yellow sprinkles. Yellow has been Nolan's favorite-favorite color since he was 17 months old!
We had such a great time celebrating, and we are so proud of our 4 year old.

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Colleen said...

Happy birthday to Nolan! Can't believe he's already four!