Friday, April 30, 2010

2 Months and Other Fun Stuff

Parker turned 2 months on April 15th. We went to the doctor for the mandatory check-up, complete with shots. He has been growing very well! He was 23.5 inches long (75%) and 11 lbs. 7 oz. (45%). He is smiling, cooing, and trying to grab everything. If he has it in his hand, he gets it in his mouth! We have been having a great time as a family.

Nolan really loves his brother
2 months old

Nolan has some great news, too! He is potty trained! Well, mostly. Since Parker has made his grand entrance, Nolan has been having some temper tantrums and power struggles. Most of the time he is accident free, but there are always a few accidents and on purposes. I will say that it is quite nice to be changing less diapers and Nolan is so proud of himself! Although Nolan may be acting up, he has not shown anything but love towards Parker. He takes it all out on Ted and me. Well get through it. :) We love you Nolan!
Other fun stuff in the Jones household includes:
No more naps=Tired little boy My 31st birthday present-
a new double stroller!
Nolan's new outside toy
I was upstairs making dinner and Nolan was playing downstairs, fully clothed. He runs upstairs yelling, "I'm going fishing!" The only thing missing is rolled up pants!


Melissa said...

Well, I already expressed my delight with these pictures, but I'll do it again. Ahhh, the gleam in Nolan's eye. And ohhhh, Parker's look taking shape. And ooooohhhh, I am coveting your new jog stroller. Fun, fun, fun and cute, cute, cute.

Colleen said...

Cute boys! I love sibling photos when they're little and love each other.