Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Pictures

We have been having so much fun with our new little member of the family. Parker is fitting right in and has been such a good baby. Aside from our little ER visit... He had an uncomfortable night of crying and pooping that brought us to the ER to be sure that everything was fine. It was. He is doing great!

My parents have been here since Sunday and are staying for another week! It is wonderful to have Grammy and Papa helping out. Nolan has especially been the beneficiary of all the love and attention they have to give. And I will admit that the extra naps on my part have been very appreciated!

Grammy, Papa and Parker
Grammy and Parker

First Bath-Notice the chub on his body. Nolan took a month to get back to birth weight, and Parker was above birth weight at 8 days! Way to eat Parker!

It really has been wonderful adding Parker to our family. What a sweet, special little boy.


Wendy said...

LOVE that outfit. I too have realized my parents are not here to visit me. I, of course am a benefit of living with my children but really? They only care about the kiddos.

Melissa said...

Amazing how they change in 10 days - he already looks totally different. Love the outfit, looks like you guys are having a great time!

Sara said...

Oh, he's adorable!! I just want to snuggle him :) I'm glad to hear things are going okay and that everyone is happy and healthy!

melissa said...

He's so sweet, Kristina! He was looking my way over your shoulder at our RS meeting and I'm pretty sure we're best friends now. Hope you're getting rest!