Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy at Home

I have been reflecting lately on my position in life. Nolan and I were walking through the park the other day. I was thinking how my life is so simple. I felt like it has always been this way. Then I remembered "before".

I used to be in college. I marched in the marching band. I took classes. I had tons of friends. 4 years of all that with grad school. Life was so crazy!

I used to teach jr. high math. I was active in my singles ward. I had friends over all the time. I lived in St. Paul, Minnesota. Life was so crazy!

I moved to Alaska! I didn't know anyone before I got there, but fit right in. I taught elementary school; 1st-2nd grade and 5th-6th grade. I went hiking, camping, sleeping under the stars. I met Ted and fell in love. Life was so crazy!

We moved to St. Louis. I taught 5th and 6th grade math. I started a real home. Life was crazy!

Now, I stay home every day with Nolan. I clean my house, cook dinners, and basically try to make home as love filled, comfortable and cozy as possible. I don't have anywhere to be, no one telling me what I have to do when, no pay check, and nothing looks to be changing anytime soon on the horizon. Life is not as crazy. I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! As I looked back at this small snap shot of pre-Nolan/stay at home mom life, I feel so grateful for my experiences. I can be happy and satisfied being home. I never know what may change in the future, but I am going to enjoy this for as long as possible and savor every minute.


Shannon said...

You are amazing...I wish I loved what I do everyday and made it as loving as possible. You're a great mother!

Lara said...

That is so sweet. Staying home with the kids is great, but I have never had it so crazy!

Colleen said...

I feel exactly the same way. I think those of us with only one child have it so easy! I talk to so many moms whose lives are so nuts and I just smile. I definitely want more children, but I savor these days too. :)

Melissa said...

Ahhh, the seasons of life. Enjoy the calm. It won't last.