Saturday, September 13, 2008

Greentree Festival

Today we went to the Kirkwood Greentree Festival. Besides being 86 degrees and soooo humid, we had a great time. There were arts and crafts booths, tons of food, and a folk-life area. The folk-life area was interesting. There were blacksmiths, weavers, folk music performers, and a guy who demonstrated sheep herding with his dog and real sheep. We went with our friends Kate and Nathan with their kids, and Nick and Melika with their son Cohen. What a fun day!

At the Parade

Nolan's sad face-still looks like he is smiling
(He was hit in the head with a runaway Tootsie Roll)


Lunch at the festival


Melissa said...

What a fun day! I didn't know a Tootsie Roll could inflict so much pain!

Lara said...

Looks like fun! Glad you had fun before the bad weather! I laugh everytime I see Nolan really sad,( not because I think it is funny when he is sad) because I cannot tell he is crying. At least, not until those big tears start rolling down his cheeks!